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Time has passed since your last dive?
Do you notice that your diving skills and techniques are a little rusty? The tuning with Scuba Review is just the refreshment you need. We reintroduce you back into diving again to make you feel comfortable under water in less than one day.

With a PADI Scuba Review program you will feel comfortable and updated.

The fun part
You will be able to refine your knowledge and your diving skills, to improve your ability to dive and to keep your scuba gear ready for your next vacation.

What you will learn
You will review your diving knowledge learned in your initial training. Then you will practice the main exercises in a pool or in a confined water area.

You will review:

  • Safe diving practices.
  • Fundamentals of diving planning.
  • Problems management.
  • To breath compressed air in the depth of the sea.
  • Recreational diving and diving boards: basic knowledge.
  • Recreational diving and diving boards: dive planning.

After you have completed the evaluation of knowledge, you will see exercises in confined waters. You will review each exercise information, because it is important to remember all the points when you perform the exercises and you will see short video. To complete this section just before the practice is a great way to update your knowledge in the same way each skill is performed.

Scuba Review course is particularly interesting if:
  • You are a student of the PADI Open Water Diver course and want an update before the open water training dives.
  • You are PADI Scuba Diver and want to reach the upper Open Water level.
  • You are a diver that just has not dived for a while and want to acclimatize yourself again.

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Get up to date with the emotion of PADI diving. Make an updating course.

Teaching materials you will need.
With the PADI guide book you will quickly and efficiently review the basics of Scuba diving. Starting by answering some questions related to safe diving, problems management and diving planning. For example:

Which are the five safeguards steps before pre immersion?

What is the maximum depth limit of recreational diving?

What are the signs and symptoms of decompression sickness?

In the book Padi 12metres / 40 feet a diver runs out of breathable gas. His companion is more than 60 feet away, what to do?

The correct answers will allow you to finish the book quickly. In terms of incorrect answers, you will read a brief explanation to help you understand the concept.
To have a diving certificate or being registered on a certification course.

Have a minimum of 10 years.

Diving points in Sitges and Mediterranean.