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The beginner level for recreational divers.
This is the easiest and fastest way to get started in the world of recreational diving. In less than a week you will get the knowledge and skills needed to start enjoying the underwater world and do your first dives.


  • A minimum age of 10 years (with parental consent up to 18 years)
  • To have a minimum of buoyancy (swimming skills).
  • Medical examination.


  • 3 Theoretical sessions, held in a visual and interactive way.
  • 3 Practical sessions in the pool.
  • 2 Practical sessions in the sea.

Once reached the objectives of the course, you obtain the qualification: PADI SCUBA DIVER, which enables you to dive anywhere in the world accompanied by a professional PADI. During the training course and the following dives you will not exceed 14 meters depth.

AND AFTERWARDS ....? You can expand your beginner training in just one weekend, completing the program: PADI Open Water Diver, the most prestigious international certification with worldwide recognition.

You can dive with your friends without the oversight of a professional.

SIf you already hold a certificate but you want to keep up to date on what you could forget because of being a long time without diving, or simply want some assessment before starting the new season, you can also attend our review lessons.
Its price will depend on the number of modules you will need, whether they are theoretical, in the pool or in de sea.
Catch up on your Open Water or Advanced course.

Price by modules:
  • Theoretical Modules: 6 € c/o.
  • Modules in the pool: 15 € c/o.
  • Modules in the sea: 55 € c/o.

Diving points in Sitges and Mediterranean.